The world’s first electrically operated commercial vehicle in the 7.5 to 12 tonne class with a battery and HyRange® fuel cell system from Proton Power

HyRange8 - Smith Newton, one of the hydrogen fuel cell systems used to power this truck

HyRange® 8 in a Smith Newton 7.5 tonne electrically operated commercial vehicle

Proton Power is pleased to announce the introduction, by its subsidiary Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH (“Proton Motor”) based in Puchheim near Munich, of the world’s first battery and fuel cell operated electric commercial vehicle in the 7.5 to 12 tonne weight class. The vehicle is based on the battery-powered Newton vehicle built by Smith Electric Vehicles.

Proton Motor has integrated a HyRange® hydrogen fuel cell system with an output of 8 kW into the vehicle which supplies the battery with electrical energy. This significantly improves the vehicle’s range and enables power to be supplied to the driver cabin air conditioning unit or additional equipment such as electrically powered refrigeration units.

Hermes is testing a 7.5 tonne duty vehicle of the UK based company Smith Electric Vehicles, which combines a Fuel Cell HyRange®-Extender of Proton Motor with a battery-electric powertrain.
The main argument for this type of vehicle is the prevention of noise emission and polutant emission, which predestinated this vehicle to operate in urban regions.
The vehicle fits for the use of Hermes parcel service as well as 2-man-handling service, e.g. delivery of furniture and equipment.
The vehicle is available immediately for field testing by interested customers in the box van and tail lift configuration. The project was supported by funding from the NIP (National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Innovation programme).

The Proton HyRange® system is available for commercial vehicles up to 12 tonne and for buses for local public transport. The modular design of the fuel cell system enables the electric output to be scaled accordingly.

Range Extender Hermes, one of the hydrogen fuel cell systems and products powering trucks like the one in the picture

HyRange® 8 on duty at Hermes