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Energy Self-Sufficient Systems for Companies

The hydrogen long-term energy storage System is being used at KLAR Folien ( in Dernbach. To allow the energy stored in hydrogen to be used again, a central component of the system is the Proton Motor PM Module S5 stationary fuel cell system.

A short-term battery storage unit is used to ensure that energy produced by a PV system is available around the clock, and allows the energy gained during the day to be used in the evenings. A further task of this storage unit is to compensate the changing energy needs of the building. The battery storage unit also serves as an interface for long-term storage.

If the battery is fully charged and the energy requirement of the house covered, the excess energy is converted via electrolysis into hydrogen. This can be permanently stored in tanks and converted by the fuel cell system back into electrical energy. The waste heat from the fuel cell is used for heating.

Fuel cell systems

Fuel Cells in energy self-sufficient systems