World’s first energy self-sufficient multifamily residence without connection to power grid, oil or natural gas.

Bruetten ZH: An energy self-sufficient multifamily residence following enhanced environmentally sustainable and energy recovery standards that doesn’t need external energy supply neither thermal nor electric. The whole energy comes from the sun. Thanks to different storage technologies it is possible to use it throughout the year. A part of the electrical energy generated by solar panels that are covering the complete surface of the house is converted via Hydrogen electrolysis into Hydrogen. One of the base components of the plant is the fuel cell module PM Module S5, which converts the stored Hydrogen back to electrical energy and heat during the sun weak time of the year.

  • 1.) Hydrogen-Tank (Underground tank)
  • 2.) Electrolyzer (Hydrogen-Generator)
  • 3.) Fuel cell system (Electric/power re-conversion unit H2 & use of heat)
  • 4.) PV – Plant on rooftop- / face of building
  • 5.) Domestic hot water – Heating system
  • 6.) Heat storage system