Stationary systems

UPS or EPS Applications

  • TETRA / BOS broadcast
  • Telecom base stations
  • Industry
  • Datacenters
  • Hospitals, Office Buildings
  • Repowering “Wind-Hydrogen”
  • Peak shaving
  • Balancing energy
  • Energy storage (renewable energy)
  • Onshore power supply for boats


Urban Applications

  • Logistics
  • Bus Fleets
  • Distribution Service
  • Municipalities

Airport Applications

  • Airport services
  • Terminal shuttle
  • Towing tractors
  • Ground Power Units


Power Train

  • Tourist boats
  • Sport boats
  • Small yachts
  • Tug boats
  • Coast guard

Auxiliary Power Supply

  • Sport boats
  • Small yachts
  • Coast guard

Industry customers
We provide our industry customers with a comprehensive range of services, from the development of OEM system series to individual applications. In addition, you can purchase a license to manufacture our innovative product solutions.

Scientific institutions
Proton Motor is a competent project partner for research & development and guarantees skilled support for studies and project-related developments with national or European funding.

We offer you attractive models for participation in one of the most promising markets in Germany and the world.

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