HyRange_8, one of the hydrogen fuel cell systems and fuel cell hybrids provided by Proton Motor. Proton is also a leading manufacturer of Emergency power supply systems and of the Ranger Extender.

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The drive system is based on the HyRange® fuel cell system combined with a battery. This system meets demands in respect of range, payload and costs, with zero emissions and low-noise drive.

Technical data:

Power: 8 kW*
Voltage: 50-110 V
Weight: 180 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD): 950 x 640 x 640 mm
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Fuel cell module**
H2 consumption: 0.6 kg/h at nominal power
Durability: > 10,000 operation hours
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79/2009/EC (Type-approval of hydrogen-powered motor vehicles)
72/245/EEC (Approval for EMC as an electrical sub assembly)
ECE 100-01 (Approval for electric driven vehicles)
Vibration ISO 16750-3, IEC 60068-2-29

* auxiliary supply consumption 1.7 kW
** Customisation possible

The hydrogen based HyRange®-Extender for electrical battery-driven commercial vehicles and buses provides additional energy for areas of application for which the existing battery capacity is not sufficient enough. The system was developed as a modular solution in order to ensure a broad range of applications for various platforms. The only emission produced during operation is a small amount of clean, warm water. No harmful substances are produced.