At Proton Motor, we are the leading manufacturer of hydrogen fuel stacks and systems, with a 100% European supply chain. With over 20 years of experience and expertise, we are the perfect partner for vehicle manufacturers who want to lessen the carbon footprint of their customers. We support all of our customers throughout the entire life cycle of their fuel cell system, so that any issues can be ironed out, and they can keep moving.

In order to promote cleaner urban environments, governments across the world are moving towards using clean energy solutions to power vehicles. Already we’re seeing buses, boats, and even small aircraft that are powered by hydrogen, with no detrimental effect to the environment. Additionally, hydrogen fuel cells can be used to extend the range of electric cars, which can be severely restricted by small batteries and long recharge times. The technology can be easily integrated into pre existing electric vehicles, creating a sustainable and cost effective hybrid car.

We also offer tailor made hydrogen fuel cell concept cars, with a bespoke fuel cell system created to serve the primary needs and specifications of the vehicle. This creates an emission free vehicle that can be quickly and easily refuelled with hydrogen gas. Driving range, payload, and comfort is greatly increased when compared with other types of cars, and all in a manner that does not harm the environment.

Join us in a new era. An era with safe and clean energy. You can find out more about Proton Motor by watching our video, embedded below:

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Proton Motor is a leading manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cells and fuel cell systems based in Puchheim, Bavaria. Fuel cells produced by Proton Motor are incredibly versatile, and can be used for mobile, maritime and stationary applications.