PM Module S25, one of the hydrogen fuel cell systems, fuel cell hybrids and emergency power supply products that Proton Motor sells. It also offers its HyRange Series and the Ranger Extender.

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The 19″ fuel cell module for multi purpose use

The PM Module S25 in the standard 19″ frame is designed for stationary use. PM Module S25 is developed by Proton Motor contains the PM 400 stack and includes the necessary balance of plant. As a result of the compact system architecture, the PM Module S25 can be integrated into any customer application. It is particularly suitable for the following applications:

  • Railway-Applications
  • Telecommunication-Applications
  • Safeguarding critical infrastructure
  • Industry and data centers
  • Energy self-sufficient residential buildings and industry

Technical data:

Power Output: 25 kW
Voltage range: 35 to 120 VDC (50 .. 62 VDC)
Current: 0 to 450 A
a) 990 x 445 x 454 mm
b) 830 x 445 x 310 mm
Weight*  a) 120 kg
b) 75 kg
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* a) for the fuel cell module and b) for the air supply module

  • High efficiency and reliability due to fuel cell technology
  • Flexible multi usage, signal and control interfaces easy adoptable to customer requirements
  • Parallel operation of several modules through master/slave architecture
  • High reliability, CE conform security architecture
  • Online monitoring on demand
  • The modular design ensures simple installation as well as a quick replacement during maintenance
  • Water cooled