There are a number of factors affecting growth in the power systems market, including:

  • Ongoing depletion of fossil fuel reserves. Hydrogen has the potential to replace these limited resources.
  • Current and future air quality regulation surrounding environmentally harmful emissions, in particular, CO2 reduction targets.
  • Growing industry and consumer demand for alternative sources of energy.
  • Energy security concerns and needs.
  • The long term competitiveness of the hydrogen technology.


The Group has identified as short term target the stationary power supply market as the most active. Telecom applications, energy autonomous solutions, uninterruptible power supply and distributed solutions. Containerized solutions are our main focus. We are also involved in mobile and maritime applications. These markets are also huge and we approach on a project by project basis. We are a CleanTech energy solutions provider for end to end customer applications.

Proton is quite unique as we design and manufacture fuel cells and hybrid systems for our customer energy solutions. Proton is focused on Stationary, Mobile and Maritime market applications.


Proton Power System’s principal objective is to establish a volume manufacturing facility based upon solid sales orders. This should enable the Group to achieve an economically viable unit cost for its fuel cell hybrid systems. Proton Power Systems aims to continue to develop both new and existing relationships, and enhance its ability to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise. Initially, the Group will invest in increased operational and sales infrastructure appropriate to its ongoing growth. The advanced stage of commercialization of its technology, coupled with the Group’s existing partnerships, should allow the business to firmly establish itself as a leading global fuel cell system provider.