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Most of our customers take the view that having a standby power maintenance contract is crucial. If there’s a power failure – mains or internal – you can rest assured that your FUEL CELL UPS will be there to provide backup power, keeping valuable systems alive and maintaining your essential services with ZERO NOISE and ZERO EMISSIONS. However, like any other major asset, these units need to be serviced regularly to ensure they’re ready when you need them and haven’t developed any faults.


Every FUEL CELL and UPS needs to be serviced regularly to ensure that it is operating correctly and that your system is in good working order. As a minimum, a maintenance contract provides reassurance of knowing that an engineer is available when needed. Some customers are content with a simple annual subscription which guarantees the availability of an engineer within a given timeframe. Others prefer a more comprehensive service. A tailored FUEL CELL and UPS Systems service contract can address all needs.

What we offer as a part of our tailored Fuel Cell UPS Servicing:

  • A standby power maintenance contract is a service provided by Proton Power Systems that guarantees a rapid response of 4 hours, 24×7, an annual service where parts and labour can be included if repair is necessary.
  • An engineers response time to site if a fault should arise.
  • A service visit to ensure the smooth running of the unit(s).
Mercedes Sprinter equipped with Bott System Vario and on board hydrogen fuel cell system for electric power supply

Mercedes Sprinter equipped with bott vario Fahrzeugeinrichtung and fuel cell system for electric power supply

Proton Motor Service Team, highly passionate about developing market leading hydrogen fuel cell systems

Proton Motor Service Team


There are a range of maintenance plans to suit every customer requirement from simple repair through to 24 hour 365 days a year service contracts with guaranteed response times to site.

A maintenance contract can normally be established very quickly. Where a unit is out of its warranty period we normally request that an initial pre-contract inspection visit is carried out prior to commencement. Once this is completed, a contract can be effective almost immediately.

Our agreement includes any of the following customised to your company’s power requirements:

  • Environmental checks
  • Electro-mechanical checks
  • Fuel Cell functional testing
  • UPS functional testing
  • Hydrogen supply testing
  • Battery assessment
  • Provision of service sheets and documentation
  • Recommendations for remedial work and improvements of current systems

Our basic maintenance scheme incorporates:

  • Dedicated hotline 24 Hours a day
  • Varying response time: 4 hours, 8 hours or Next Working Day
  • Out of hours visits
  • Remote Monitoring with regular reports in our carefree package
  • Parts and Labour in all our service contracts
  • Call out only if no service contract
  • Health check of your back-up power system. Load bank testing
  • Hydrogen sourcing advice to ensure efficient operation of your system
  • Routine preventative maintenance visits
  • 12 months warranty with no service contract
  • 5 yrs warranty as norm with all our service contracts
  • Supporting The Widest Range of Power Systems Products
  • Relocation of existing back up power systems. Planned, installed and commissioned to ensure seamless operation of critical systems


What really makes us different is our ability to provide support, not only across mixed configurations of UPS, DC/DC, power electronics and fuel cells, but ensuring the efficient supply of hydrogen from our partner suppliers. Proton is a power solutions provider and our servicing offering completes the customer overall Needs.