• Adaptation to specific customer requirements possible
  • Possible output power*: up to 142 kWel
  • Output voltage range: 400 – 750 VDC (voltage conversion by DC/DC included)
  • Supply voltage: 400 – 750 VDC
  • Hydrogen quality: ISO 14687:2019 (Type I, Grade D) / SAE J2719
  • Hydrogen supply pressure: 5.0 – 7.5barg (optional pressure range 3.0 – 3.5barg available)
  • Ambient temperature range: +5 – +45 °C

* Begin of Life; without consideration of self-consumption; including voltage conversion at DC output


The main power supply for zero-emission navigation: Proton Motor’s new HyShip® modular hydrogen fuel cell system is a 2021 product innovation for maritime applications. It is primarily designed to power the electric drive train and other loads on board recreational, passenger, cargo, and work boots.

The drive component can be manufactured with single or multiple HyStack® 400 and is adapted to the customer-specific installation for overall implementation.