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PPS Annual General Meeting


We are uniquely well positioned to take advantage of the acceleration in the adoption of hydrogen fuel cells using proven products and systems. We offer a clear commercial advantage in cost, flexibility and reliability.

Our current efforts to expand our manufacturing capabilities and develop strong relationships with our customers have enabled us to build strong foundations as we continue to progress the commercialisation of our proven portfolio of products.

Investment Case:

  • Proven products and systems
  • Strong established market position and reputation to leverage growth
  • Scalable and protected business model
  • Clear market strategy based on early adopters
  • Market acceleration taking place through wider commercial adoption


“We have to get away from fossil fuels,” proclaimed Dr.-Ing. h.c. some 40 years ago. Götz Heidelberg, then owner of “Magnet-Motor GmbH” in Starnberg near Munich. Among other things, he developed fuel cells that generate electricity and heat from the conversion of hydrogen and oxygen. In 1998, the company boss spun off the division into a separate company. Today’s “Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH” has two production sites in the Munich metropolitan region and employs more than 120 people under the management of majority shareholder Dr. Francois Faiz Nahab.

As a wholly owned operating subsidiary of the English parent company “Proton Motor Power Systems plc”, the focus of the international premium supplier of hydrogen fuel cells is on stationary applications such as emergency power for critical infrastructures and decentralized, supply-secure energy self-sufficiency. Zero-emission fuel cells and fuel cell-electric hybrid systems with no local carbon footprint are used in mobility solutions in the automotive, maritime and rail segments.

Alternative Investment Market

On October 31, 2006, the security “PPS” (WKN: A3DAJ9 / ISIN: GB00BP83GZ24) of the UK holding company was admitted to trading on the “Alternative Investment Market” of the London Stock Exchange and simultaneous trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of 25 million pounds. In 2008, Dr. Francois Faiz Nahab decided to invest in the hydrogen fuel cell technology of “Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH” because he was aware of the urgent need for alternative energy sources. Since then, over a period of a quarter of a century, the high-tech company Proton Motor has established itself as a hydrogen fuel cell key player in the development and implementation of technological innovations of the future.



Compensation Committee
Faiz Francois Nahab Ph.D. (Chairman)
Roman Kotlarzewski
The Compensation Committee is responsible for determining the terms and conditions of service of the executive directors.

Audit Committee
Helmut Gierse (Chairman)
Antonio Bossi
The Audit Committee is primarily responsible for monitoring the quality of internal control and ensuring the proper measurement and reporting of the Group's financial performance, as well as for reviewing the Group auditor's reports.

Nomination Committee
Faiz Francois Nahab Ph.D. (Chairman)
Roman Kotlarzewski
The Nomination Committee is primarily responsible for reviewing the balance and effectiveness of the Board and identifying the skills needed and the individuals who best provide them, and for ensuring a formal and transparent Board appointment process.


Statement of compliance with the QCA Corporate Governance Code from 31.12.2021


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The internationally active Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH is a manufacturer of environmentally friendly hydrogen fuel cells and fuel cell hybrid systems for automotive, maritime, stationary and train applications. We offer complete solutions from our own production – from development and production to the realization of customer-specific solutions.

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