• Adaptation to specific customer requirements possible
  • Possible output power*: up to 142 kWel
  • Output voltage range: 400 – 750 VDC (voltage conversion by DC/DC included)
  • Supply voltage: 400 – 750 VDC
  • Hydrogen quality: ISO 14687:2019 (Type I, Grade D) / SAE J2719
  • Hydrogen supply pressure: 5.0 – 7.5barg (optional pressure range 3.0 – 3.5barg available)
  • Ambient temperature range: -30 – +45 °C

* Begin of Life; without consideration of self-consumption; including voltage conversion at DC output


Hydrogen as an environmentally friendly energy carrier is also a gain for railroads – and not just for passenger transport or locomotives. CleanTech innovations that are free of exhaust gases and noise are also in demand for rail maintenance and service vehicles for milling, in order to provide an answer to the increasingly stringent regulations imposed by the authorities with regard to the environmental factors of exhaust gases and noise pollution. In the context of the world’s first all-electric specialty rail construction machine, Proton Motor developed the HyRail® multistack system in 2021. The clean “green” and emission-free HyRail® hydrogen fuel cell product is offered as a propulsion solution optionally with one or more HyStack® stack modules equipped. Compared to conventional diesel engines, the Zero-emission HyRail® concept represents a sustainable improvement from an ecological point of view in favor of targeted CO2 neutrality.