Achieving the goal of climate neutrality: “GO-Start Fuel Cell” Initiative | Maritime #zeroemission e-SHyIPS navigation

How can the production and market ramp-up of fuel cells in Germany be supported? This is one of the questions posed by the “GO-Start Fuel Cell” innovation cluster of the Fuel Cells Working Group of the German Engineering Association (VDMA). At the 2-day workshop in Frankfurt in October with over 60 participants (view image_(c) VDMA) from various industries, the aspect of cost reduction was examined from all sides, including interactions of the fuel cell system components. Proton Motor Technical Manager Frank Erne co-organised the workshop, gave a lecture and led a working group on the topic of “Requirements for Balance-of-Plant (BoP) Components”.

In the previous month, Thomas Wannemacher (Funding Projects / Patents) had represented Proton Motor Fuel Cell at the “European Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Conference” in Capri (pictured right_(c) e-SHyIPS). For this purpose, the project partners of e-SHyIPS were invited to present the #onthewaveofhydrogen project progress. In addition, the fourth e-SHyIPS General Assembly has now taken place in Athens in October. The e-SHyIPS project aims to define the new guidelines for an effective introduction of hydrogen in maritime passenger transport sector and to boost its adoption within the global and EU strategy for a clean and sustainable environment, towards the accomplishment of a zero-emission navigation scenario.