Engineering Clean Skies Thanks “GENESIS”: Proton Motor Fuel Cell`s High-tech Contributes to Aviation

Proton Motor Fuel Cell’s fight against climate change for a prosperous future based on zero-emission high-tech innovations is not limited to the four application sectors: Stationary, Maritime, Heavy-duty Mobility and Rail. The hydrogen fuel cell systems of the Proton Motor Hy-brand product portfolio contribute to #CleanSky and #GreenSky.

The Project “GENESIS”, funded by the EU Commission under the “Clean Sky 2” Programme, will gauge the environmental sustainability of electric aircraft in a life-cycle-based, foresight perspective to support the development of a technology roadmap for transitioning. The focus is on regional class, 50 pax aircraft to identify, design and assess prospectively the best energy storage and transmission topology.

Roadmap for sustainability in the aviation industry

From the GENESIS project collaboration of scientists and a group of experts from various fields – including Proton Motor Fuel Cell with Mr. Dr. Nils Baumann (Proton Motor Head of Fuel Cell Engineering) and Mr. Thomas Wannemacher (Proton Motor Funding Projects / Patents) – conventional as well as hybrid-electric aircraft technologies have been evaluated for the years 2030, 2040 and 2050. At the beginning of 2024, the “Journal of Cleaner Production”, which is part of ScienceDirect (a premium platform of peer-reviewed schorlarly literature), published the results of the study.