Europe`s energy transition ahead: Proton Motor Fuel Cell on hydrogen fuel cell mission

| New political Position Papers, Manifesto in the run-up to the European elections and current Open Letter to the German government with appeals for the promotion of key technologies “Made in Germany” for decarbonisation to achieve climate targets. |

Climate in court: In mid-May, the Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) has successfully won two lawsuits against the German federal government. The existing climate protection programmes of the current legislature are unlawful and must be improved in the short term with effective concrete measures. The DUH demands that the “pseudo-climate protection policy” stand by its sustainable responsibility for climate protection in order to meet the climate targets by 2030 or 2045. In particular, it requires political will to implement in the decarbonisation sectors of energy, industry and buildings, and transport.

As early as last November 2023, the German hydrogen fuel cell producer Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH analysed the current status of an emissions gap in the stationary market segment in a new Position Paper. Hydrogen fuel cell technology is assessed as an ideal element for the success of the energy transition and transformation of Germany as a business location. Stationary, decentralised and local hydrogen fuel cell applications overcome the investment blockades and guarantee the reduction of 35 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the building sector in the European Union. The CO2-neutral conversion can only succeed with the storage renewable energies using green hydrogen.

The first Position Paper of the industry network Clean Power Net (CPN), which was signed in March 2024 by a total of 32 signatories with 17 CPN industry partners including Proton Motor Fuel Cell as a member, also points to the urgency of accelerating national strategies for the decarbonisation of stationary and critical applications. The release of the CPN publication took place shortly before the February 2024 manifesto of Hydrogen Europe on this year`s European elections, to which the Bavarian high-tech company contributed substantive expertise. In addition, immediately after the Hannover Messe in April, the initiative Clean Energy Partnership e.V. (CEP) has sent – in co-operation with the German Hydrogen Association e.V. – a four-page Open Letter to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the ministries of finance, economics and transport.