Hydrogen Fuel Cell – An Element of the Energy Transition | New Position Paper on the market potential of stationary applications

The 2023 symposium of IMB Energy Systems GmbH recently took place on two exciting days. The event was dedicated to central issues such as the secure power supply as well as the current challenges arising from energy generation and supply. Proton Motor Executive Board member Sebastian Goldner (CTO & COO; in the picture on the left with Proton Motor CEO Dr. Faiz Nahab in front of the emission-free HyFrame® system) was invited to give a lecture on the topic “Hydrogen Fuel Cell – An Element of the Energy Transition“.

Decentralised, local hydrogen fuel cell markets as nuclei for the energy transformation and to secure Germany as an industrial location

In the context of energy policy, Manfred Limbrunner, Director Investor Relations and Communication at Proton Motor (see image below/right), and Christoph Pauli (Governmental Affairs & Funding) are currently heavily involved in transporting the hydrogen fuel cell message to the stationary energy sector as a proton motor statement. In addition to numerous exciting and highly informative discussions with members of the German Bundestag, the programme also included an exchange with NOW GmbH, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action and the German Energy Agency (dena) as well as participation in the parliamentary evening of the German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (DWV).

The aim of the activities in the capital was to raise awareness among various stakeholders and players to the stationary hydrogen fuel cell market as well as to analyse the future economic potential of the present by means of a new political Proton Motor Position Paper dated November 7, 2023.