HyFindr “Tech Talk” on the benefits of emission-free Proton Motor hydrogen fuel cells for sustainable climate neutrality

Proton Motor Fuel Cell’s Hy-branded product portfolio is showcased for the hydrogen economy on hyfindr.com ‘s B2B marketplace. The online platform also offers a “tech community” that supports H2 experts in professional exchange. In this context, Proton Motor Director Governmental Affairs and Communication Manfred Limbrunner(in picture center_(c) HyFindr) was invited as an interview partner to the HyFindr Tech Talk.

Proton Motor HyModule® S4 / S8 – The integration-capable hydrogen fuel cell solution as an alternative power generator in the stationary sector.

In the YouTube recording, there is the presentation of the Proton Motor HyModule®-S8 system as an emission-free fuel cell top seller. In addition, the integration of fuel cells with batteries, the role of power electronics, and the need for control systems will be discussed. Not only the advantages of hydrogen fuel cells over diesel generators, but also the maintenance requirements and application of fuel cells for off-grid, carbon-neutral energy supply with renewable resources for sustainable decarbonization are in the video focus.