Proton Motor pro Networking, Developing, Doing: High-Performance Networks for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology

The “Clean Energy Partnership” (CEP) initiative was founded in 2002 by the Federal Ministry of Transport and ten industrial partners at the time. In an Open Letter to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz – published at the Hanover Trade Fair 2024 (link see below) – which was co-signed by Proton Motor Fuel Cell, the urgent appeal for the immediate resumption of reliable funding for hydrogen mobility has now been formulated. According to the CEP, the current policy recklessly and unnecessarily gambles away Germany’s position as the lead market for hydrogen applications and thus enormously weakens the entire business location – far beyond the transport sector.

HyCologne H2 topics from over 50 players for over 15 years

The recent General Meeting of the “HyCologne e.V.” network, which is based in the cathedral city of the Rhineland with a connection to the Ruhr area, also dealt with emission-free mobility, among other things. Because latest company or better “club vehicle” is a new Toyota Mirai in Yves Klein Blue (photo detail_all (c) HyCologne): Only hydrogen comes in, only water comes out – quiet and odourless, a striking eye-catcher for the public!

At the same time, however, HyCologne H2 topics are about production and application, transport and operation, research and funding. That is why the membership structure of more than 50 players, of which Proton Motor Fuel Cell has been a founding member since 2007, is diverse from industry and business.